People! I need to use some toys!

People! How crazy IS it to say I’ve been too busy to use any sex toys?? I’ve been writing scripts for the new videos I’m about to shoot and it makes me want to use them all! Here’s a video I just finished. I think it looks really good- the colors and everything.

The ANME show just wrapped up. We came out with so many fabulous toys in our latest release, I wish I had a weenis so I could try them all! I’ll do my best to try out all the toys for girls – wait, that’s totally not true. There’s no way I could even get through half of them!

So ironic that working at a sex toy company results in less use of sex toys… *sigh*


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My Favorite Sex Toy… My Man

Being a happily employed employee of an awesome sex toy company, I’m almost sad to say that no sex toy can compete with my guy! (That’s good news for our relationship though.) BUT, we DO make SEMENEX, a delicious powder that you shake with water to sweeten the taste of semen. Can this really make my favorite sex toy taste even better…?!?!? Yes! It can!

See the SEMENEX CHALLENGE video for yourself:

Click here to embed this awesome video on your site, or just pass it on to your friends!

Grab the Semenex Challenge Widget for your site at

Happy Guzzling!

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Bottoms Up® P-Spot Pleaser™ Reviewed by Meg, the Anal Queen

Meg is my go-to girl for all things anal. So when it was time to review the Bottoms Up P-Spot Pleaser – designed for the boys – I though, why not get a woman’s perspective? After all, any vibrating anal toy works for boys or girls!

I love the Bottoms Up line. Aside from references to the P-Spot, it’s a totally unisex line of toys for the butt! Ladies, don’t be put off by the P word, if a toy looks like the right size for you, by all means, stick it up your ass!

Speaking of size, the P-Spot Pleaser was a little small for my taste, but that’s only because I’m experienced. For the average woman (or man) who wants to dabble with a vibrating anal toy, it’s perfect. The texture was nice and slick when lubricated and the twist base speed knob was easy to adjust even with lubed up fingers.

The good thing about smaller anal toys like the P-Spot Pleaser is that you can thrust them in and out which feels amazing. When you get into some of the bigger toys, it can be a little uncomfortable to move the toy over your inner sphincter once you’ve gotten it in there. I mean, this is why a lot of7126-6 Bottoms P-Spot Plsr women don’t enjoy anal sex if their man is too big. It hurts when he wants to thrust in and out. But a relatively narrow toy, like the P-Spot Pleaser, is amazing because you can move it in and out and it’s all pleasure, no pain.

By the way, there’s no shame in using a narrow anal toy! By all means, start off with a size that is comfortable for you. I love the gentle sloping shape of the P-Spot Pleaser. It’s very gradual and comfortable. Some anal plugs with a narrow tip and thick base can feel a little unnatural. The P-Spot Pleaser fits just right and delivers multi-speed vibration right where I want it.


Meg, I promise to send you the HUGE Rascal Toys Double Dong we’re about to release! Wait til you see it!


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Penthouse Mode Ultra Powerful 10X Dual Motor Vibe reviewed by Bethany!

Penthouse mode ultra powerful 10x dual motor vibe as reviewed by Bethany R.

Me and the Penthouse Mode Ultra Powerful 10X Dual Motor Vibe had a date last night. It went well, i think i might see it again. It did everything right, from getting the car door to starting with slow, gentle vibrations and gradually increasing to earth shattering orgasms.

I had wanted to take the vibe for a spin before i introduced it to my boyfriend. We’ve been talking about adding toys, but I like to give toys a whirl on my own first; before I share them.

Well, actually the truth is that I love rabbit vibes. When I have a rabbit-style vibe, I don’t need a man. Whoever invented rabbit vibes is brilliant and should win a Nobel Peace Prize. I think that’s why my guy has been asking if he can be part of my bedroom shenanigans. If he doesn’t get in on the action, he doesn’t get any! I’m so satisfied with my rabbit vibe! (That’s not totally true Baby! Love you! No toy could completely replace you, I swear!)

P9478-6_lg[1] 10X ultra pwrfulThe motor in the shaft puslates and vibrates which is awesome on my g-spot. But, of course, the best thing about rabbit vibes is the fluttering ears. I cannot get enough different kinds of fluttering ears, i swear!

This vibe is a great choice when you want some penetration but not some squirly rotating shaft contraption. This one delivers no-nonsense pulsing and vibrating. I have yet to meet a rabbit style vibe that didn’t make me sink my face into the pillow to stifle my moans. The 10 x Dual Motor Vibe was no exception. It did the trick and then some! So many different patterns and combinations to choose from- it’ll take me a while to get thru all of them. Can I get back to you, Ali!?

Of course, B! Take your time, enjoy. No hurry!




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Penthouse mode waterproof 7x dream bullet reveiwed by Mistress Misty

Penthouse mode waterproof 7x dream bullet reveiwed by my grrl, Mistress Misty:

The Penthouse® mode waterproof 7X dream bullet is by far my new favorite toy. I’m always on the lookout for vibes or bullets with lots of functions of vibration and pulsation because I think they’re the most fun. I’m currently in my sexual peak (as magazines tell me) and I’m just so over plain old multi-speed action. But that’s just me. There is definitely a time and a place for multi-speed toys (anal!)

The bullet IS a dream! Whoever named it is genius. It’s a large sized egg with a silky smooth covering that feels soft. The controller is covered in the same silky feel. Ok, speaking of, it’s the controller that makes this toy p9476-6_lg1so awesome. It has a touch pad instead of buttons, so changing the vibration is easy, you just touch your thumb to it. BUT, that is IF you WANT to change vibrations. I swear, the third setting is THA BOMB. It has a pattern that vibrates vibrates, then slows down to a little pulsing, then it kicks up to vibrating again. Man. I just put it between my legs, closed my thighs to keep it in place which left my hands free to roam all over my body. The pattern works perfectly with me because it would make me almost come, then the vibration would drop away and leave me begging for more with the little pulsation, then it would kick back into high gear. Love it!! I’m not even putting it away between uses. That’s how much I love it.

Mistress Misty, I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed the dream bullet so much. Happy Masturbating!



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sEX toy etiquette – what do you do with your favorite couple’s toys when you have a new lover?

Let’s face it, it’s no fun when life’s circumstances put more”ex” in your sex life than you’d like. So what happens when you and your ex enjoyed a toy that sent you to the moon every time and now you have a new lover? Do you bust out the old, crusty sex toy? Or is that just bad manners. (eeew! crusty!)

I need people to weigh in on this one. Because I haven’t been in the situation where I had a favorite toy that I used to use with my ex that I want to use with my new guy. I just haven’t been in that pickle… Have you?

What do you guys and gals do? To me, it seems like you should toss your couple’s sex toys once the relationship dissolves. Yes, no?

Should you find yourself in this situation, my personal, sex toy expert, opinion is that you 0656-7_lg1should toss your old toy and take an impromptu trip to a toy store with your new beau. Maybe you can just happen to stumble upon a toy that looks like it’d be fun for the two of you to try out (wink wink, your old favorite couple’s toy.) OR, maybe technology has progressed since your last couple’s toy purchase and you’ll find something that has all kindsa new bells and whistles!

For new couples I suggest starting with something small and unintimidating, like a vibrating cock ring. Don’t head straight for the oversized anal intruders, that is sure to scare a new lover off, and quick. Or not! I don’t know who you’re dating! I’m just speaking from personal experience and sharing that with you. It’s all I can do.

Let me know what you think about this most awkward of subjects. Oh, and I’d love to know what your favorite couple’s sex toy is! I’m in the market! For a couple’s toy, not a guy!



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Slimline G 8X Dual Pleaser Reviewed by Kat S.

Simline G 8x Dual Pleaser as enjoyed by Kat S:

I’m a big fan of rabbit-style vibes (who isn’t!) and I’m always on the lookout for a new, exciting one that might be able to replace my old faithful, Rabbit Pearl. Yes, the one from Sex and the City, but I stumbled upon the Rabbit Pearl before Darren Starr did! I swear!

So, you can imagine my delight when I got the vibe Ali sent me! The Slimline G® 8X Dual Pleaser, a rabbit style vibe, with eight functions of vibration and pulsation. In my old age (ahem!) I’ve become a fan of pulsation, feeling that simple multi-speed vibration just leaves something to be desired. It’s like taking the winding back road to Orgasm City instead of the freeway. Sometimes the freeway is just too fast ! You know you’re going to get there, so why not take the long way? Unless you’re in a hurry, of course. 😉

I decided to take my time and see if I could really get the G-Spot benefits this vibe claims to deliver. Ok, it was awesome. The best part was the easy to push buttons that let me adjust the vibrations as things heated up so I wouldn’t come too quickly. I inserted the G-spot angled tip, w1258-7_lg1seeing if I could feel the elusive G-spot. Although I always hope for a purely G-spot orgasm, (does that exist?) myexperience has been that the G doesn’t come out and play until the clit is properly stimulated. And that’s why the Dual Pleaser was so awesome. I circled through the eight functions of pulsation on my clit, while rotating and reverse rotating the soft, bubble shaped shaft. Which was totally delightful in itself. But, when I started feeling like I was close to coming, I turned off the clit stim and just let the rotating beads work my G-spot. With the smallest amount of pressure on my clit from the non-moving clit stim plus the rhythmic rotating shaft on my G-spot, I totally had a G-spot dollorgasm that didn’t include a clitoral orgasm. It was deep, long and intense. I will totally reach for this awesome wireless vibe again tonight to see what else it can do to me! ~Kat

Thanks Kat! Sweet dreams…


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